Arbie's Adventure into the Latrobe State Forest
February, 2023


Dipping my toe into a whole new world here. I bought the little XT250 to go riding in the bush and hopefully gain some skills for riding Dora, the CB500X, a bit better off road. This is my adventure.

As we well know, the number of people having a ride increases the fun factor, so with 5 of us, a fun day planned. We met in Neerim South; Dave, (ride leader 'cause he knows his way around), Chris, John, Ray and myself. We drove to an unloading area and got ready for fun, so they said. Apparently we were going on an easier ride for my sake, being a total newbie at this off road stuff. Oh my goodness, I was absolutely terrified at some of the tracks we went into, really steep rocky stuff, bog holes, rocky trails, "challenged" (?), kind of is an understatement. Grubby rode behind me and was a great help more than once when I couldn't see a line through the wet, boggy stuff.


The boys were very patient with me and greatly appreciate that kindness. I didn't fall off, bonus points ,did things I wouldn't believe possible for this wrecked 70 year old body of mine, and found out that although the little yam is an entry level bike, very capable indeed, and I can easily touch the ground with both feet. I also learnt that when you can't see a line through wet boggy stuff, there isn't one so take the least challenging line through that mud and just send it!

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