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  VJMC Australia


VJMC Australia

VJMC Australia: Facebook


Several VJMC Australia regional groups use social media pages for local communications. These sites are essentially private Facebook groups labelled as VJMC.


  VJMC Australia Regional Sites


VJMC Broken Hill

VJMC Broken Hill: Facebook

VJMC Illawarra & Southern Highlands

VJMC Illawarra & Southern H'lands: Facebook

VJMC Mackay

VJMC Mackay: Facebook

VJMC Tamworth

VJMC Tamworth: Facebook


Some members have loaded video from Annual Rallies and other events onto social media.


  VJMC Australia video of events on Social Media


2019 VJMC National Rally 

Gold Coast. Qld. 10m 18s: YouTube

Gold Coast. Qld. 11m 05s: Youtube

2017 VJMC Display at the National Motor Museum

Birdwood. SA. 18s: YouTube

2015 VJMC National Rally 

Canberra, ACT. 8m 58s: YouTube

2014 VJMC National Rally 

Victor Harbor. SA. 5m 51s: YouTube

2012 VJMC National Rally 

Warilla. NSW. 1m 05s: YouTube

2010 VJMC National Rally 

Healesville. Vic. 4m 09s: YouTube

2003 VJMC National Rally 

Morpeth. NSW. 62m 08s: YouTube

1992 VJMC National Rally 

Canberra. ACT. - Track Day. 24m 08s: YouTube

Canberra. ACT. - Bike Show. 28m 57s: YouTube

1991 VJMC National Rally

Canberra. ACT. 20m 30s: YouTube

Index of other VJMC videos 

Index of other VJMC Videos: YouTube


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