Join the VJMC to request a login to the VJMC Australia website.

If you are a member and don't have a login to this site, it might be time you have one. You can request a login online. There is a Website Access User Guide to help you log in and there are more User Guides on the Members Menu to help you around once logged in.

In the meantime, the extra information available once logged in includes but is not limited to:

- a members Forum with news on local and national activities, restoration reports/tips and ride reports
- the latest information relating to club activities including information on meetings
- information on VJMC National Rallies (registration, magazine reports, members photo galleries)
- electronic copies of every club magazine since 1984
- links to motorcycle news sites, restoration information, historic videos, safety videos and more
- advertising for VJMC members for VJM related items
- Qld Impromptu Events registration and log
- information on the leadership group and minutes of National Committee meetings 
- a Library list of electronic and physical references
- news feeds

After logging in an additional Members Menu is available. It makes more information available, only for members.




The Forum contains volumes of information on restorations, local and remote rides and events.

The top 1/3 of our Forum Menu is shown below. There are sections for General Discussion, Events, Regional Groups, Rides and Restorations, Technical Discussion and Trading

 Members can publish their owns stories on rides and events and anything they want.  There are also details and progress updates posted by members on their own bikes. 


The rolling banner at the top of the page and the photos below is a very small selection of the photos posted in the Forum by the members sharing their stories. (Click images to enlarge.)