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Judging Class - Original / Unrestored 1 year 1 month ago #50063

Original A2 1985 Australian Delivered GPZ900R. Everything original, except a repair to middle fairing section crack which required new silver paint on that section paint, including the long rear guard. Still have original set of both keys.
Everything works as designed, including the thermo fan and side stand cut-out switch (anyone who owned one of these where probably caught out with either of these failing) and the seat is still as hard as in the day.
Purchased early 2019, stripped back the basics and gave her a really good clean, replaced the frame bearings as required, kitted the carbies and gave her a good going over
Still goes hard as they always did, and a pleasure to ride.
On club rego and ride when possible.

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Judging Class - Original / Unrestored 1 year 1 month ago #50065

'81 build CX500TC, delivered Feb. 82, owned since new. Was originally daily ride, now just weekends and club use.

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Judging Class - Original / Unrestored 1 year 1 month ago #50067

The grandad of the Mighty Yamaha R1 - 1993 Yamaha FZR100E. This is a true survivor - I recently acquired if from a guy that bought it brand new, did a few years on it then put it to bed when the missus and kids came along. It has 40 odd thousand kays on it and goes like a rocket ship courtesy of 145HP. Classic late 80's/early 90's colours - purple - what were they thinking??

The Isle of Man - The Mecca of Motorcycling.

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Judging Class - Original / Unrestored 1 year 1 month ago #50072

Original 1986 GPZ900R A3

This one has quite a story!

I ordered a GPZ900R on my 18th birthday and it was delivered Christmas Eve 1986. I just had to have one and these were arguably THE bike to have in the 80's. So, as a busted a#@e apprentice, I worked two jobs to be able to afford her!

I had her for 6 years, rode fast everywhere, was chased by the cops on the odd occasion, lost my license too many times so I fitted a radar detector (showing my age!) and fitted a brake/tail light disconnect switch as a licence preservation measure! (Hey, I was 18!) I scared myself a lot, and had heaps of fantastic memories!

Sold her in 1993 to a guy I worked with so that I could buy a VFR, He shifted to SA and I shifted to QLD. Over the years, I have always kept a photo of her in the shed and one in the house (apparently the only photo I had in the house when my current partner met me!).

So, sitting around one day in March and looking through Gumtree (as I always do!) and there is this sweet A3, same colour as my old one, located in Melbourne. I sent the guy a message to either ring me or txt me so I could ask a few questions, not thinking much of it. I heard from him that morning asking me if I used to own one of these in the 90's. I replied, yes!. Next he asked where I worked then that got my attention. I answered him (thinking to myself "Sh*t , surely this can't be?"). Then I got the next text saying "This is your old bike!". Needless to say I owned her again within 20 minutes. Two days later after 27 years she was on a truck heading 'home' to me.

The bike, still runs sweet, original except for the 4:1 and screen. The motor has never been apart, original paint in good condition, still has the original faring, screws and infill panels, original keys and books. Even the original gearsack rack is still fitted, although not the original gearsack bag (the NSW police have that! Another long story but thankful for the switch...let's just leave it there!). Anyway - it even still has the bracket that used to hold the special switch!

So, as I am the original owner - here's the plans moving forward. Start by giving her a good clean (in progress), try and source some stock pipes, put her on club plates, ride her with a more 'mature' attitude and never sell her again. Although, I might even fit the old special switch again just for old time sake!

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Judging Class - Original / Unrestored 1 year 1 month ago #50130

Alien abduction !
This is the story of my 1983 XV Midnight Special....On a cold July night in 1983 a young 20 year old (me) in my parents garage was casually admiring a machine that I could not believe I owned...during the course of wiping down tiny unnoticeable micro specs of dust that even the ants would have disregarded as being no more than mere polish residue...a strong beam of blue light smeared the perimeter edges of the garage door.
This was not the usual white lights of a car beam so was a little puzzled...the light blazed through every visible crack between the frame and door and within what felt as a split second the door itself silently opened to full height without a single creak or whisper from the aged door cogs and motor...
Standing in disbelief all I could do was feel the warm blue light rays that now extended and concentrated on me...moving without any physical movement both myself and the light started to retract back towards the garage opening. At one point the edge of the blue light whisked over the edges of the Yamaha's V engine and at that very moment everything stopped for me as if time stood still..waiting paralyzed in the one spot where ironically the concrete floor was grease free. What happened next was pure luck, the light was no longer interested in a mere mortal human and started to levitate the very machine that i longed to have forever and some...Waking up on the garage floor the next morning brought home the reality the bike was really gone...( and wasn't the effects of the hot tea I had that night..)
I believed I would never have that sensation of ownership as I did in 1983, even with all the other machines I owned it really was never the same...30 + years later and a nonchalant browse on the web accidentally brought me to a photo of the immediately recognizable XV 750 midnight Special, my midnight Special ! From the fern jungles of New Zealand my bike was returned....it appeared the aliens had slightly miscalculated the original location co-ordinates by a couple of thousand kms...Obviously the aliens did not have the capabilities to control such advances machinery and decided to return the bike to the home planet, no matter, the bike was finally home...physically was as good as when the bike disappeared only ageing a year in 37 years, however physiologically I could not ascertain after such an ordeal...who knows...and therefore kept the riding to absolute minimum...

Attached are the latest photos from today...something strange happened during the session an image appeared of what I can only assume was the alien which started this whole 37 year adventure ! ( understand now why it was not ridden...)

Bike Info
13627 km
Recoated the mufflers
New master cyl ( didnt need it but for future spare )
new indicator lenses ( didnt need it but for future spares )
Touchup paint where needed due to stone chips etc...

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Judging Class - Original / Unrestored 1 year 1 month ago #50170

All of the bikes attached are original unrestored. Take your pick.

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Judging Class - Original / Unrestored 1 year 1 month ago #50189

1991 Suzuki RGV250M completely original and stock. 13766 original kilometres. I bought it in 2017 in an early Sunday morning Gumtree gold strike! I had one of these in this colour scheme from 1992 to 1995 and have wanted one back ever since I sold my original one and it got written off by the new owner the week after he picked it up.
This bike sat unused in the previous owner's shed since 1994. When I got it we gave it a service including new pistons, rings, oils and tyres to bring it to what you see here! Have original books, both keys and rego label, and even the original "Fizz" tank pad from 1994. Importantly it was never raced or crashed.

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