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Tiddlers to Tooradin Ride - Every Thursday Morning.
Thursday 04 August 2022, 09:30 - 10:00
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This ride is intended to attract the smaller, lightweight machines and will be conducted in safety over suitably quiet roads at gentle speeds. 250cc is the maximum capacity permitted and even some of these may be asked to not ride with us. This is not a ride for high performance bikes and the pace will be moderate with no racing allowed although mild showing off is permitted. The idea is to keep the pace and the dynamics of the ride at a level that will be safe & totally comfortable for 80’s, 90's, 98's, 100's, 125's, 175's & 197's, etc. The dynamics of the ride will be able to embrace all these but larger bikes are just not suitable as even when ridden slowly and sympathetically such a ride becomes something else entirely. All eras of bikes are invited from all clubs and anybody with a Tiddler is welcome to join in the fun. Please do!

The route will be Warrandyte & Robinsons Roads (we will not use Baxter-Tooradin Rd), Pearcedale & Browns Roads crossing the South Gippsland Highway at Five Ways and turning left immediately into Manks Road. Then we turn right at Tooradin Station Road to trundle down into Tooradin. This is about 25 kilometres of pleasant, undulating road with zero traffic lights and only a few roundabouts to negotiate. Extra care must be taken as we cross the Western Port Highway and at the Five Ways crossing. There is about 80 metres of gravel at the start of Tooradin Station road where we will reduce speed. Riding this route as a group improves rider safety for all participants and it will be fun.

I will lead the ride on my CZ 125cc and I will be seeking a volunteer to be the tail-ender and sweep up the corner marshals who will have shown riders the way ensuring everybody can follow the route. I will lead the group from Tooradin back to the Baxter Tavern after some coffee and chat using North Road & Warrandyte Roads. This puts us on the highway for a few kilometres.

The region is under significant road works at present but these routes avoid them. Nonetheless there is more traffic than usual on these roads as they use the unfamiliar detours around the works. Strong winds are experienced from time to time and there are some climbs (for tiddlers at least) but rest assured the leader will be suffering as you will and I assure you I will keep the pace and the dynamics of the ride within the capability of the participants. That is my goal and my commitment.
The pace is expected to be 65-75KPH with the slowest participant determining the speed.

This will be a regular ride every Thursday morning from now on.
Start point is The Baxter Tavern to which I will be returning to by Noon.
Be there from 09.00 with Ride Away precisely at 9.30 AM.
Trailers or vans can be left in the car park of the Baxter Tavern thanks to the friendly management.

Note that current Government pandemic restrictions must be followed.

Best Regards,

Mike Munday Mobile: 0407 933 225


Location : Baxter Tavern to Tooradin Old Jetty Cafe.